Ayurvedic Body Therapies

Shirodhara  is a unique, blissful therapy that balances and stabilizes the mind. To receive shirodhara, the client lies down upon a massage table with their eyes covered. Next, specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured in a thin steady stream directly onto the forehead and sixth chakra. Shirodhara purifies the mind, alleviates anxiety, reduces headaches, and expands awareness. Shirodhara can be administered  on its own or as part of a panchakarma detoxification regime.

Shirodhara Treatment $75

Netra Basti – Eye Rejuvenation Therapy

Would you like to relieve eye strain, improve your vision, or pacify the doshas in your head area?  Netra Basti nourishing ghee eye bath therapy is used for a wide variety of eye ailments. By filling a dam, made out of dough and placed around the eyes, with a lukewarm Restorative Ghee (clarified butter), we’ll help soothe and nourish your eyes. We recommend this therapy for anyone who is constantly reading or exposed to computer and TV electromagnetic rays.

  • Refreshes tired, sore, dry, itchy, and teary eyes
  • Eases eye tension and proves to very soothing for dry and tired ‘computer eyes’
  • Relieves eye socket tension, twitches, and squinting
  • Eases wrinkles and dark circles around eyes
  • Improves Vision
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates eyes
  • Enhances the beauty of the eyes
  • Preventive therapy for people suffering from Diabetes and hypertension

$66 each eye

Specialized Basti Therapies
These are external dough basti treatments only.  To be administered based on recommendations from Wellness Counseling sessions.  (heart, liver, kidneys, spine, etc.)(Single)  $75
Prices vary depending on the number of treatment locations


Treatments at the Ayurvedic Institute are on Wednesday evenings.
To book call (505) 291-9698 Ex. 117