Lean into the Mystery

As we approach the new year, a time of many resolutions, many begin the quest to fix ourselves.  We are always trying to find the right answer.  The right spirituality, the right diet, the right relationship, the right way to just be in this world and the right way to get our shit together.  We search and search and when we find something that resonates, we follow and cling to it.  Sadly, so many of these “answers” that might make us feel better at first, will in the end leave us feeling trapped. Ultimately we give-up, move on, and begin the search again…  We never feel right, never feel enough.  This type of living puts us in a constant state of self-imprisonment.  It cages the self into lists of shoulds and should-nots.  Goods and bads.  It’s no wonder we give-up or stop the programs we try.  Who wants to be imprisoned?  But how do you become healthier in body, mind and spirit?  It may surprise you that answer is not whipping and beating yourself more. Finding balance and reaching your goals comes from a source of being rooted in your own power, rather than standing by with a whip and torturing yourself physically, mentally or emotionally.  There is no magic program either. The self thrives in evolution and creativity, the heart does not want to be tied down and broken.

Like the moon, our natural state is that of change, of evolution. Do not resist.  When we resist the evolution of self, we become spiritually constipated, and hungry for something real and meaningful.  We feel stuck, and the hunger puts us on a path of external searching.  We may shop, and eat (or not eat), and read a lot of self-help, but are still lost in a well of dissatisfaction.  Nothing can satiate the hunger of the wild heart that wants to live naturally, one with the cycles and rhythms of itself and the earth.   Like an animal that has been caged most of its life, we must open the cage and unleash the self, but carefully and cautiously. We have to re-learn and develop our body intelligence, and  begin to rebuild the intuition.

How do you start to unleash the self?  Lean into the wild mystery. Become absorbed in the ebb and flow, and ride the currents. Continually ask, what do I need now? What must die so that I can be reborn? Listen + trust. Immerse yourself in the guidance of the wild heart, and you will feed the hunger. Listen to it so intently, as if the heart is whispering a secret. The intuition will grow stronger, and path will become clearer.

Lean into the wild mystery

It feels so hard, because we so often want a specific answer from the world we live in that will tell us exactly what to do, and how to be.  A program of sorts.  We want something that is unchanging, like the perfect diet or exercise or religion.  If there was only one thing that works, then why are we bombarded with so much conflicting information? The truth is that the only thing that is constant is change, and the only thing that allows us to thrive is living in harmony with the earth, resting in our true natures. If you have been conditioned to think that change is “bad,” here is your permission to let that fall away.  If you have been lead to believe that there is something inherently wrong with you that must be fixed, then here is your chance to let that go. The earth moves through cycles and seasons.  The moon changes phases.  It is terrifying to think that there is not some constant state of things in the physical world.  We are hungry for that, because we falsely think that it will give us security and groundedness. So what is real?  The cyclical rhythm of life, and abiding in our true natures. Let yourself wander into the cave of the heart.  Feel around. Survey the inner landscape.  Let your eyes adjust to the dark.

As we approach the new year, notice what thoughts keep coming up for you.  Do you regularly entertain or obsess on certain ones?  What fills your mind?  Maybe about how you look? Whether you are liked/loved?  How well your are doing well at your job?  Any of the sort. Thoughts come and go.  Feelings arise and pass away.  We usually cling to them, follow them and create novels in our minds about things that are not real.  But, YOU are not your thoughts and feelings.  You are that which observes your thoughts and feelings. Now, instead of following the thoughts into story lines, ask yourself each time: What is the emotion or feeling behind this.  If I go deep down, what is fuelling this mind trap?  You will find that 9 times out of 10 (or more) it is fear.  The reality might instead be: I am afraid I am unlovable, I am afraid I am unworthy, I am I have nothing to offer.

Wanting to be “better” is our wild selves calling for evolution.  To shed the skin of the past and continually rise into our potential.  Self-torture will never get you there.  So instead of making resolutions that imprison you this year, let us approach our betterment, through the intention of self-healing. Drop deeply into what the soul is calling for.  For example: rather than resolving to drop 10 pounds (imprisoning yourself along the way), one could inquire: How am I eating and moving in a way that does not serve me?  What am I truly hungry for?

If you are being called to work on re-wilding to your true self and finding empowerment in this way, I am lovingly creating Tending the Wild Body just for you.  This eCourse will give guidance break out of the shackles and allow you to abide in your natural state which is a state of health and balance!

In the meantime, open to the light.

“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon;
How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.”
― Rumi,

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