Lymphatic System Part I: Dry Brushing

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This article was featured on YOGINIOLOGY, a beautiful online presence created by Julie Schoen that connects, supports, inspires and encourages women. In my clinical practice and in my personal life I have become more and more obsessed with the Lymphatic System. I have begun to see it, along with the cardiovascular system, as the first […]

Lean into the Mystery

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As we approach the new year, a time of many resolutions, many begin the quest to fix ourselves.  We are always trying to find the right answer.  The right spirituality, the right diet, the right relationship, the right way to just be in this world and the right way to get our shit together.  We […]

Wild Mother

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I have been known by many names Long ago, I was named ether, space, the great dark womb, for I hold space for all to come. I have been called the wind, as I press, and sweep and swirl and leap.  With every breath, and movement, I am the inspiration and expiration, I move without […]

Yoga Fundamentalism…

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I have recently been inspired by the idea of fundamentalism in my practice. From Starbucks cups and religious ideals, to political agendas, and even to yoga—when we become fundamentalist in our ideas, we wear blinders. We become rigid. We are righteous. We think nothing changes, or that our individual experiences somehow apply to everyone. For […]