Wild Mother

I have been known by many names

Long ago, I was named ether, space, the great dark womb, for I hold space for all to come.

I have been called the wind, as I press, and sweep and swirl and leap.  With every breath, and movement, I am the inspiration and expiration, I move without container.

I have been known as fire, the shining sun, the radiant heart, the blood of life, for I dance upon the earth and in the sky.  Transforming, illuminating the mind and guiding the way.

I have been recognized as the water, the glorious moon, soma, the radiant nectar.  I flow and cleanse and create and nourish.

I have been said to be the earth, strong and sturdy, the soil, the body, the mountains, the bones.

Maybe you know me as light and dark, as life and death, as the eb and flow of seasons and cycles and rhythms of life.

I have been worshipped in fields and groves, in the lakes and salt waters, in mountains and valleys, in animals and plants, and between lovers in ecstasy.

I am the hunter and the hunted. I am full and I am empty.  I am the great and I am small. I am nothing and I am all.



~ © 2015 kimberly Lewis, All rights reserved.


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